Intel Pro Wireless Drivers

Intel Pro Wireless Drivers 13.5.0 (64 bits)

Image Intel Pro Wireless Drivers 13.5.0 (64 bits)
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    Intel Corp.

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    Windows 8/7

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    November 09, 2019

  • "Drivers for Intel WiFi Cards"

After formatting the computer or simply when buying a new PC is usually quite common to find that the operating system marks an error when trying to connect to the WiFi router using normally at home.

To solve this problem it is necessary to install the drivers of each WiFi card, but since this is a complicated task, it is best to have a tool like Intel Pro Wireless Drivers. This is a package that includes all the drivers for the Intel WiFi 5100 and WiFi 5300 cards, so Intel Pro Wireless Drivers solves most router connectivity problems on a new or formatted computer.

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